The German rock band A Boy Named River was founded back in 2005, releasing their debut album hello, thing. in 2011.

All four boys ply their other trades in the theatre. Two are actors and two directors.

The band is currently based in Hannover.

ABNR picks up the three basic elements of language, melody and rhythm and intensifies them.

The lyrics especially speak for themselves. Sometimes imbued with a laconic touch and unpredictable in their structure, the lyrics and the music conjure up raw powers.

It is like feeling misplaced in this world – and then ramming a knife into the tabletop and saying: Here is where I am. This is my fixed point.

Each song is a poem of its own. Each song grapples with the recurring themes of violence, madness, bravery, ephemerality, lostness, sex and the end of the world.

Daniel Nerlich vocals, guitars
Sandro Tajouri drums, percussion
Alex Nerlich guitars, keyboards
Tom Schneider bass, synthesizer

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